Practical Gifts That Everyone Love

Practical Gifts That Everyone Love

Practical Gifts That Everyone Love

It’s difficult to know what kind of practical gifts to acquire for someone you don’t know well or who has unwaveringly utilitarian tastes. You want something that won’t add to the clutter, isn’t just decorative, and might even be something they didn’t realise they needed.

There are a few middle-of-the-road practical gift ideas in this category that you might be tempted to buy, but stay clear from some of the more obvious ones: Socks and basic chargers are useful options, but they aren’t the ideal stocking stuffers or gifts. Candles, coffee mugs, and hand-soap sets might be so unappealing that they end up in a donation box or a cupboard. Containers that claim to clean your iPhone, for example, can feel so practical (and antiseptic) that they’re almost unworthy of gifting.

We scoured retailers like Amazon, Etsy, Uncommon Goods, Target, and Nordstrom for actually useful gifts that still feel unique and surprising enough to give anytime or on special holidays, from time-savers to space savers to travel, laundry, home improvement, beauty gadgets, and accessories, to help you deviate from anything boring or expected.

A word of caution: If you’re doing holiday shopping, we urge checking out as soon as possible, as severe shipping delays are expected this season.

All of the goods featured on SELF have been hand-picked by our editors. We may receive an affiliate commission if you purchase something via one of our retail links.

1. A breakfast sandwich maker dubbed the “single best gadget they own” by one reviewer. Breakfast (and lunch and supper) sandwiches may be made in five minutes or less with this must-have kitchen device, giving them the BEC of their dreams.
Reviewer of a sandwich maker holding an egg sandwich,,,,, amazon

Positive feedback: “I have one of the nicest appliances I own. My partner emailed this to me as a joke; we both felt having a McMuffin maker in your house was both absurd and brilliant. Then, for the first time, I attempted cooking with it. It’s just incredible. I ended up using frozen waffles for the bread; you’ll need to trim them a little, but they’re just the right amount of crunchy. I enjoy playing with this and have created some absolutely great sandwiches as a result. Waffles, eggs, avocado, Swiss cheese, and ham are all on the menu. Egg, corn salsa, and jack cheese on waffles. You can make a sandwich with it if it fits into the rounds. When the egg is cooked (four minutes is great for fried eggs with runny yolks), the panel under the egg pulls out easily and cleanly, and the entire middle portion can be put in the dishwasher.” Weaver, Elizabeth Joy

Amazon has it for $23.47 plus shipping (available in five colors).

Prime members get free two-day shipping; check the ad for an estimated delivery date.
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2. Nine pairs of soft knit socks girls can wear with Chelsea boots and a miniskirt, peeking out just enough to say, “Yes, I look put-together, but I’m also really cosy.”
A person sporting orange socks under their tan boots was photographed by a reviewer.

Positive feedback: “I really like the colour scheme, and the knit pattern is really cool. When combined with boots, they’re also long enough to get that’scrunched-up’ look!” —Olivia T. T. T. T. T. T. T. T. T

For $25.99, you can get nine pairs from Amazon.

Prime members get free two-day shipping; check the ad for an estimated delivery date.
3. A leak-proof champagne cork to preserve their favourite drink as bubbly as the day it was popped. This built-in pressure pump keeps bubbles in the bottle, which means the bottle doesn’t have to be finished on the same day it was opened. Please, without further ado, may I have a mimosa?
The stainless-steel and black stopper on the left is labelled “seal it,” while the hand pressing down on the right is labelled “pump it.”

This stopper even has a date tracker built in, so you’ll always know how long the bottle has been in the fridge!

Positive feedback: “After seeing one being utilised at a local wine tasting event, I decided to buy one. I like sparkling wines, but I have to consume the entire bottle before it goes flat (ugh) or throw it away (terribly wasteful). This product provided the solution to my issue! It’s simple to use and ensures that my sparkling beverage stays fresh and fizzy! It’s an absolute must!” —MKC

It costs $8.97 on Amazon.

Prime members get free two-day shipping; check the ad for an estimated delivery date.
4. Claw clips, because it’s past time for them to say goodbye to the destructive hair ties of the past and embrace the item that TikTok has been urging me to purchase for the past 13 months. Breakage and headaches are no longer a worry with these because they securely hold back their mane without straining or pulling.
the model is wearing the clips
Amazon (

Positive feedback: “My hair is thin, but I have a lot of it, and it’s quite difficult to get it off my neck and keep it in place for the entire day. These clips are fantastic! I can clip all of my hair together in one clip and it will stay put all day. There was no harm done, and there was no pain in the scalp. I like the variety of hues.” —Liz B. —Liz B. —Liz B.

Amazon has a pack of four clips for $13.99. (available in six colors).

Prime members get free two-day shipping; check the ad for an estimated delivery date.
Popular 5. A W&P Porter ceramic mug that is as beautiful as it is functional (I mean, this screams Pinterest board). This reusable bag features a protective silicone sleeve and a secure lid press, making it the ideal companion for everyday morning walks.
the mug in black

Positive feedback: “This portable ceramic cup is fantastic! The rubber liner that covers three-quarters of the ceramic makes it comfortable to grasp. I enjoy that the rubber also covers the bottom of the mug so that I can place it down on my desk without making a noise, but it’s even better to be able to drink from the ceramic at the top (if the lid is off) because it feels like you’re drinking from a regular coffee mug (rather than a travel mug). It’s really convenient to be able to reheat your drink in the microwave. Overall, I believe it is well worth the money.” —elizabeth

It costs $25 on Amazon (available in two sizes and seven colors).

Prime members get free two-day shipping; check the ad for an estimated delivery date.
Advertisement 6: A versatile glass kitchen board that adds a lot of elegance while taking up very little room. This can be used as a trivet for hot pots and plates, as well as a chopping board and a showcase for fruits, meats, and cheeses. What a gouda present, eh?
Amazon’s red and blue cutting board with cheese and figs

Heat resistant, dishwasher safe, and with nonslip rubber feet to keep it in place, this carpet-inspired kitchen board is a must-have.

Positive feedback: “The perfect complement to the kitchen counter. Rather than hiding it away like other cutting boards, this one is meant to be seen. It stays put, doesn’t slide, and is about the right size for chopping up vegetables for a salad. We’ve even used it on the dining room table for hot foods.” —Moriarty, C M

It costs $19.99 on Amazon.

Prime members get free two-day shipping; check the ad for an estimated delivery date.
7. Collagen-rich Gold Eye Treatments masks to make evidence of late-night Netflix all but vanish. This pampering gift brightens bags and softens fine wrinkles, so they’ll appear fully awake even if they’ve been up late watching Unsolved Mysteries.
Jasmin Sandal/BuzzFeed/BuzzFeed/BuzzFeed/BuzzFeed/BuzzFeed/BuzzFeed/BuzzFeed/BuzzFeed

Positive feedback: “After returning from a red-eye flight with little sleep, I decided to put these golden diamonds to the test. I applied them on my purpley, swollen eyes after cooling them in the fridge (as instructed on the package), and…wow. Not only did I feel like I was getting royal treatment (because gold), but my under-eyes looked brighter after 20 minutes, and any fine wrinkles that had previously existed were erased! I didn’t feel forced to use concealer after wearing these, which is normally my go-to for concealing dark circles, and I even felt comfortable going bare-faced for the remainder of the day. I now include them in my routine whenever I want to remove my makeup and allow my skin breathe.” —Jasmin Sandal, a BuzzFeed contributor

Amazon has a set of 15 for $19.97.

Prime members get free two-day shipping; check the ad for an estimated delivery date.
Advertisement 8: An enormous blanket designed for overheated sleepers that merits a standing ovation. They won’t wake up soaked in sweat thanks to temperature-regulating technology and 100% Muslin cotton, and they can say goodbye to those 3 a.m. phone calls. “If I have one leg outside the comforter…”, I think to myself. There will be no more overheating.
the white blanket the Muslin Comfort blankets

Psst, use the code BUZZ25 at checkout for a 25% discount *and* a 30-night risk-free trial.

Positive feedback: “It’s incredibly soft and comfortable. Because this blanket is so airy, I no longer experience night sweats. I like how heavy it is, and the size is ideal.” —Shalene C. —Shalene C. —Shalene C.

Muslin Comfort is selling it for $199+. (available in six colours and four sizes).

After processing, shipping usually takes three to five days.
9. The Wand, a 20-second hangover cure made up of a small histamine and sulfite filter that customers may twirl around in their Ikea wine glass. They can restart their SVU marathon knowing that they won’t wake up with a massive headache.
Amazon’s wand

Positive feedback: “OMG!!!!!!!!!! This is effective. I enjoy wine but am allergic to histamines, sulfites, and preservatives found in it. For two glasses of wine, I actually use one wand. I was sceptical at first, but it works like a charm! Thank you very much, PureWine. This is a huge step forward for me.” —Froh, Penny

Non-Prime shipping options will arrive by Christmas (see Amazon’s complete shipping information here). Shipping Information: Available on Amazon Prime with two-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will arrive by Christmas (see Amazon’s full shipping information here).

Amazon has a three-pack for $12.99.

Prime members get free two-day shipping; check the ad for an estimated delivery date.
Advertisement\s10. An odourless Bite Away tool for anyone who feels like they’re living in a bug banquet (“why me?” —me every summer). This relieves itching, redness, and swelling quickly, so they don’t have to worry about spending the night clawing at their legs and hating their time in your backyard.
Amazon’s bug bite tool

Positive feedback: “A hot spoon was my go-to approach for heating the bite and killing the venom that causes us to itch. This utility accomplishes the same task, and I appreciate how portable it is. You feel a little hot, but it’s a huge relief. This is a fantastic tool!” —Choi, May

It costs $39.99 on Amazon.

Prime members get free two-day shipping; check the ad for an estimated delivery date.
11. A faux-shearling moto jacket that appears to cost upwards of $7 trillion (*giggles nervously* right on budget), but it luckily does not. Consider this the blazer’s cold-weather counterpart: When they wear this over any outfit, they’ll seem effortlessly put-together.
Model is dressed in black.
The reviewer is dressed in blue jeans and a blazer.
Amazon (

Positive feedback: “This jacket is fantastic. It appears to be costly. It’s really cosy and warm, but not overly so. I wore it in 60-degree temperatures and didn’t get too hot. Yes, I wore it in -5 degrees Fahrenheit and was perfectly comfortable. I wore it at home and did not overheat it. There’s something about the material that appeals to me. The lining does not shed or flatten, and it does not have a shabby appearance. Like real shearling, it’s thick and spongey. It also doesn’t seem to draw lint, hair, or anything else. I simply cannot express how important this is to me.” —Huesitos

Amazon has it for $59.66 plus shipping. (Available in three colours and sizes S–XL).

Prime members get free two-day shipping; check the ad for an estimated delivery date.
Advertisement 12: A bottle of Mike’s Hot Honey, which will whisk their taste buds away on an all-expenses-paid trip. They can say goodbye to bland and boring boxed dinners with this all-natural honey, chilli pepper, and vinegar combo, which adds the ideal touch of spicy and sweet to any meal.
pizza topped with honey
BuzzFeed / Rebecca O’Connell

This gluten-free, Paleo-friendly condiment is certainly the icing on the cake.

Positive feedback: “I’m completely enamoured with this! My entire family (except my husband, who isn’t a fan of spice) grabs for this bottle of Mike’s several times a week. We’ve put it on biscuits, cornbread, fried chicken, bacon (which is AMAZING), and a variety of other things. Mike’s has just the proper amount of fire to complement the honey’s lovely sweetness. I’m going to keep this in my pantry.” —MichiganTraveler

It costs $8.99 on Amazon.

Check out our hot honey review for additional information.

Prime members get free two-day shipping; check the ad for an estimated delivery date.
13. A heated razor that’s to shaving what caviar and champagne are to a party: opulent. This high-end device comes with adjustable heat, a stainless steel warming bar, five FlexDisc blades, and a wireless magnetic charging base that looks great on their bathroom sink.
Gillette’s heated razor

Positive feedback: “Absolutely fantastic! While shaving, the heat provided a significant level of comfort. Each stroke was a delight. I expected to feel warm after my first shave, but I didn’t expect it to deliver such a high level of comfort. I was surprised by how much sharper this cartridge was. The feedback from each stroke differed significantly from that of the Gillette Pro Glide Cartridge. Although I like the Pro Glide, this cartridge was incredibly smooth, with little tugging on the hairs. This razor offered me a shave as close and comfortable as a decent straight razor shave with my coarse beard!” —Robert

For $150, you can get it through Gillette.

Standard shipment takes seven to ten days.
Popular 14. Advertisement A chic cosmetics organiser to keep all of their creams, lipsticks, and TJ Maxx checkout line gems in order. Those messy bathroom sinks of the past, farewell.
Amazon’s cosmetics organiser

Positive feedback: “Finally, I discovered what I was seeking for. This is the holy grail after trying various makeup storage options. Keeps all of your belongings dust-free and organised without seeming cluttered. I have several make-up subscriptions and a lot of face creams and primers in my collection. This is where I keep all of my daily stuff of various sizes and types. It was well worth the money.” —Melissa

Amazon has it for $34.99 plus shipping (available in two colours and two sizes).

Prime members get free two-day shipping; check the ad for an estimated delivery date.
15. A Dash tiny waffle maker that is so easy to use and quick that it may persuade them to forego the cereal bar in favour of a proper sit-down breakfast. (A word of advice: don’t be that TV character who snatches a single grape from the morning buffet and says, “must run.”) All they have to do now is turn it on, pour in the batter, and wait for it to beep when it’s done.
“A delightful stack of protein waffles,” says the label on waffles with strawberries on the side.
BuzzFeed / Alexandra Napoli

This waffle maker heats up quickly, has nonstick pans, and is quite simple to use: simply plug it in, pour some batter, and wait for the light to turn green. In less than five minutes, you can have waffles on the table.

Also included is a handy little recipe book with hash brown, panini, and biscuit pizza recipes – basically a bunch of foods that can be made with only this little waffle machine.

Positive feedback: “This device is amazing. I simply make a batch of waffle batter and store it in the fridge, then plug it in while pouring my coffee in the morning. It takes about a minute for it to achieve temperature, after which I’ll pour in the batter, and the waffle will be ready in about another minute.” —Seanster

It costs $9.99 on Amazon (available in 11 colors).

Prime members get free two-day shipping; check the ad for an estimated delivery date.
Advertisement 16. Handmade Heroes 100% Natural Vegan Sleeping Lip Mask heals their lips as they sleep, with a mango butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil blend that will have them humming “Miracles Happen” from that iconic princess film.
Amazon’s lip balms

If you’re in the know, you’re in the know.

Positive feedback: “I’m the type of person who always has dry lips. I always had dry, cracked, and terrible lips, no matter how much water I drank, how well I ate, or what product I used. This stuff is incredible. Unlike most lip creams, which disappear within two minutes and must be reapplied, this mask stays on your lips for hours, nourishing them continuously. I put this on before going to bed, and I’m looking forward to waking up to the nice, smooth texture. BUY IT NOW.” —Angela Brook Waters, author of “Angela Brook Waters: A Novel”






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